The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship Competence in Engineering Educators and Engineering Pedagogy Competences

Airi Noppel


Developing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes has become an important goal for educators
in higher education and also in teacher education. One problem in this is associated with
identifying the content of the entrepreneurship competence of educators and integrating
this into engineering education. The aim of this article is to identify and assess the
entrepreneurship competence of engineering educators and its relationship with other
competences in engineering pedagogy. The survey is based on the IGIP model of competences
for engineering pedagogy, which is complemented with new dimensions of entrepreneurship
competence. The results of the study indicate that educators consider themselves most
entrepreneurial in their attitude toward learners and entrepreneurship. The sub-competence
“support for entrepreneurial learning” correlates with all competences of engineering
pedagogy and has the strongest relationship between the reflective and developmental
competences among educators in engineering pedagogy.

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