How Entrepreneurship Education Can be Developed Knowing the Power of Metacognition

Sirje Ustav


Metacognition as a concept has been thoroughly studied and its effect on learning is well demonstrated. Moreover, scholars and that it represents the entrepreneurial approach to thinking and has the propensity to aect selecting an entrepreneurial career. Hence, entrepreneurship education, still the subject of discussions about its aims methods and outcomes, has not taken any visible advantage of this powerful concept, and no specifc advice for educators has been delivered. To rectify this defciency, the aim of the current research is to propose how entrepreneurship education can be developed to increase metacognitive abilities in students. Individual dierences in student metacognition are therefore studied, and the strongest and weakest aspects are identifed using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Based on the theoretical framework of the conceptualisation of metacognitive abilities as well as empirical evidence, the article contributes to a better understanding of the connections between metacognition and educational settings. The article provides a practical holistic proposal for how metacognitive abilities can be developed systematically through entrepreneurship courses.

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