Safety Compliance of Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Tarmo Koppel, Inese Vilcane


Consequent to the 2016 legislation, European companies are expected to be in compliance
with new legislation about occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields. The aim of this
study is to determine the compliance of companies and the respective stakeholders with
respect to the new EMF safety legislation. A questionnaire was used to determine the level
of electromagnetic safety management (N=190). The stakeholders included working
environment specialists, workers, occupational health doctors and labour inspectors. The
study found that working environment specialists had assessed the EMF safety in companies
to be better managed than did workers and labour inspectors. The key factor influencing
EMF safety was training working environment specialists and workers. The shortcomings
are characteristic to all companies, but are somewhat less evident in large companies. The
study is contributing on how legal aspects of EMF safety are considered at different levels of
stakeholders, and also show the need for reducing the exposure resultant from poorly
managed safety issues.

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